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    We are a full service, family owned plumbing company servicing the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. We provide 24/7 emergency drain cleaning and plumbing services.  We specialize in electronic leak detection and repair. 

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    We have built a reputation of being accurate, dependable and timely. Though we strive to be as detailed as possible, everyone makes mistakes, therefore  we stand behind all our work. Our warranty is gold.
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    With over 20 years experience in plumbeing repair and installation, we are the plumbing company to get the job done. We have built a reputation of honesty and integrity along with a work ethic second to none.
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Drain Cleaning, Sewer Video Inspection, Slab Leak Repair and more!
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"I called Morgan Leak Detection for a leak under my foundation.  Cliff found my leak quickly, fixed it, and didn't leave a mess for me to clean up.  I really appreciate his service."

Nancy M.


"I am grateful for you wonderful company.  As a senior citizen, it is difficult to find someone who doesn't take advantage of my situation.  Morgan Leak Detection sent out a respectful, honest, and courteous plumber.  The rate was reasonable, and the work was exemplary.  I will use your company again, and I will tell my friends to call you too."

Gilbert Mallory

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What we doWe're Here
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What we doSlab Leak?
Our speciality is finding and repairing slab leaks
What we doGo Tankless
We install all types of Tankless water heaters
What we doClogged?
Allow us to clean out clogged drains

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Fort Worth Plumbers & Leak Detection
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Fort Worth slab leak detection is a specialized sector of the plumbing industry, and not all companies have the equipment and experience needed to handle detection and repair. At Morgan Leak Detection, slab leak repair is our specialty. We use technologically advanced detection equipment that allows us to locate and repair leaks efficiently. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we’re able to find the problem; with our plumbing expertise, we're able to fix it right the first time around.

Here are some of the slab leak repair services in Fort Worth we offer:

  • Plumbing repairs
  • Water lines and sewer lines
  • Tankless water heater
  • Repair and replace toilets and water heaters
  • Remodels and additions
  • Faucets and sinks
  • Drain line camera
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Drain breaks and leaks below slabs
  • Gas leak repair and pipe installation

Morgan Leak Detection has been in business for over 20 years. Owner, operator and master plumber Cliff Morgan still oversees the business he founded two decades ago. Morgan knew that there was a niche in the industry for a quality leak repair company in Fort Worth that didn’t cost a fortune. Because so many plumbing companies have high overhead costs, they pass these high prices on to their customers. Our leak detection company in Fort Worth, TX, brings you expert service at reasonable prices. As a family business, our overhead is low; so are the prices we can offer you.

Not only do we provide accurate, timely and dependable Fort Worth slab leak repair services, but also we have a Gold Warranty in place that backs up our work. We couldn’t imagine any other way to run our company, and we enjoy building positive relationships with our customers. In fact, we remain so conscious of our customers’ budgets that we offer special discounts for senior citizens. We understand that many seniors have a fixed income, and we don’t want to leave them with a broken piggy bank. To learn more about our Fort Worth slab leak detection, call the team at Morgan Leak Detection today.


Family Business

altMorgan Leak Detection is a family owned and operated business. Cliff has been a plumber for more than 20 years, and during that time he has also become the dad of fourteen. This has been valuable to his family because the Morgan children seem


fascinated with flushing things down the potty and overflowing the bathtubs. Teaching his children good work ethics, morals, and character is a top priority, and he knows the best way to teach them is by being a good role model. This is why customer care is very important to him. He also hopes a few of these boys will want to be plumbers someday too ( The oldest is already on his way!)


24/7 Fast Emergency Full Service Plumbing

"Morgan Leak Detection & Plumbing"

                "Got A Leak?"     

 "We Find It & Fix It Right The First Time"

  Electronic Leak Detection To Pinpoint Leaks 

   We specialize in Hydro Static Sewer Testing 

  & Sewer Isolation Testing.

  Morgan Leak Detection uses the latest in high tech leak detection equipment to pin point leaks.  With this equipment we are able to locate and repair slab leaks without causing unneeded damage to your home or place of business.  Morgan Leak Detection specializes in slab leak repair and is predominantly a slab leak repair company. Regular plumbing companies don't have the equipment and experience we do at repairing leaks..  


24/7 Fast Emergency Full Service Plumbing "Discount Drain Cleaning"

We Specialize In Locating & Repairing Gas Leaks 

  • Tankless Water Heater Installation
  • We Have The Latest High Tech Equipment
  • For Detecting & Locating Slab Leaks
  • In Line Video Inspection
  • Low Overhead Means savings For You
  • DFW & Surrounding Area
Fix it Right the First Time



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We Are The Guys You Want When You Have A Leak!
We Find It And Fix It Right The First Time!!
  • Water, Sewer And Gas

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Tankless Water Heaters

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We Specialize In Tankless Water Heater Installation And Repair
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Drain Cleaning, Sewer Video Inspection, Slab Leak Repair and more!
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Cliff Morgan is a master plumber with over 20 years of service. License Number M-38995.

Call for a free Estimate (817) 987-8799 (972-621-9028 cliff@morganleakdetection.com