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Backyard Umbrellas

Cool-Off provides an affordable opportunity to shop for quality backyard umbrellas for every scenario. Whether you’re looking for an oversized patio umbrella, a pool-side oasis, or just a simple table umbrella to shade your family during lunch al fresco, you’ll find the perfect product to meet your needs. Our umbrellas are designed to provide lasting value and are made by some of the most notable manufacturers in the industry; names like Shademaker, Treasure Garden, and FIM.

How Do I Choose the Right Umbrella?

Backyard umbrellas come in all shapes and sizes at Cool-Off; in fact, diversity is what we are best known for. When you shop for an umbrella on our website, you’ll have many options available:

  • Octagon, square, and rectangle shapes
  • More than 100 colors to choose from
  • Conventional and off-set crank options
  • Push-up table umbrellas
  • A variety of sizes

Spend time browsing our selection or contact a Cool-Off product specialist who can help you select the perfect umbrella for your environment. We’re happy to answer any questions you have over the phone, assess your needs, and make recommendations based on your budget and your shade requirements.

Are Backyard Umbrellas Customizable?

When you order from Cool-Off, you’ll have the opportunity to fully customize your order, from start to finish. Our giant octagon backyard umbrellas are available in sizes up to 23’- spacious enough to provide exceptional coverage for an entire patio area, grilling space, pool deck, or family picnic table. Customize your umbrella with the following:

  • Add LED lighting
  • Choose a base
  • Select your fabric color
  • Choose a frame color

Customized umbrellas from Cool-Off feature awning-grade acrylic fabric that is water repellant and stain-resistant. Telescopic frame structure makes opening and closing a breeze. Customizable umbrellas are exceptionally durable and designed to provide years of use. You’ll find additional details on all of our products when you click the ‘Patio Umbrellas’ link on our homepage. Use our online Ask the Experts tool to quickly and easily connect with a Cool-Off pro- or simply call us with your questions.

Affordable FIM Umbrellas

Fim manufactures high-quality umbrellas for practically every outdoor space. If you’re looking for the perfect fit for your backyard, consider something from FIM’s P-Series. FIM products bring beauty and function, with considerable flexibility in terms of how they can be used to block out the sun and its UV rays. P-Series umbrellas use a unique cantilever tool to pivot shade so that homeowners can spend more time outdoors during summer months. Consistent 5-star ratings provide evidence that FIM and other products found on Cool-Off are customer-approved.

Beat the heat this coming summer with backyard umbrellas, outdoor misting systems, and pool cabanas from Cool-Off. If your family is reluctant to go outdoors when things start to heat up, we can help you create a comfortable space in your own backyard where friends & family can gather, enjoy lunch together, spend leisure time, or catch up on news. Browse all of our products today and save without compromising on quality.

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Backyard Umbrellas